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  • Amended MOI
  • Notification of works
  • SABC payment
  • Minutes of the AGM

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You are hereby invited to give your valuable input into the amendment of the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) of SAMRO NPC. The MOI is regarded as the Constitution of the organisation and members have the opportunity to amend the document with adequate and lawful inputs.

The full MOI document has been made available on SAMRO’s portal and can be accessed by clicking here. You will need your username and password to login to the portal to access the MOI file located under the ‘My Documents’ section. The deadline for submitting recommended changes to the MOI is 08 November 2019.

Your input can be submitted by email to the Company Secretary at


In an effort to improve the quality of our distributions, SAMRO encourages you to include the Interested Party Information (IPI) numbers of all interested parties on your notification of works form and Common Works Registration (CWR). We have made changes to our manual notification form and have included the IPI field accordingly.

1.1. What is an IPI number? 
An IPI number is a unique identifier used worldwide. All collecting societies assign a unique IPI number to help identify you and your work wherever your music may play in any part the world. This number will ensure that we distribute royalties earned to the correct member especially in the event that we have members with the same names and surnames or stage names/pseudonyms.

1.2. Where can I find my IPI number?
Your IPI number is displayed on the web portal as well as on your distribution statements. You can also find your IPI and local member Business Relation (BR) number on our website under our Member List, or click here. Your IPI is published on our website to enable other songwriters and composers who collaborated with you on the same work to notify the work on your behalf.

1.3. What are the benefits of having IPI numbers on my notification? 

  • The correct IPI numbers enable SAMRO to:
    – Process updated notifications for the same work more efficiently.
    – Improve accuracy in capturing individual information and royalty payments.
  • IPI numbers assist with the creation of International Standard Music Work Code (ISWC). ISWC numbers are only issued when all interested parties on a work are identified by their IPI number. This helps your works get or to be recognized and tracked globally.
  • Common Works Registration (CWR) with IPI’s included in the registration will result in automatic creation of copyright. This will reduce processing time resulting in your registered works reflecting sooner in distributions.

1.4. Still not sure where to find your IPI number? 
Kindly contact our customer services team via email: or via telephone on: 086 117 2676 for assistance. The customer services team is also available to assist you should you have any other questions.


As you may be aware, the SABC has been indebted to SAMRO for a long period of time. The public broadcaster had fallen behind in its payments amid its own financial challenges, and by 30 September 2019, it owed SAMRO a total of R160.4 million.

We have entered into a payment agreement whereby the SABC has committed to honouring monthly payments of the outstanding debt to be settled in full by April 2020. We are pleased to advise you that the SABC has already paid 35% towards reducing this long outstanding debt. Furthermore, all current financial year invoices will also be up to date by April 2020.

Given the current economic climate we are operating in, progress on the payment of the SABC’s outstanding debt is most encouraging; as it allows us to assure you, our members, whose music is broadcast on SABC TV and Radio, that your royalties will be paid as scheduled in the upcoming Radio and TV distributions.

We will keep monitoring these payments and keep you updated on the progress.


Minutes from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members of SAMRO held on Friday 11 December 2018, can be found on the SAMRO Portal under the ‘My Documents’ section or alternatively, click here.

Please note that you will need your username and password to login to the portal.

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