We administer Performing Rights on behalf of our members – music composers, authors and publishers.

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What We Do

SAMRO’s primary role is to administer Performing Rights on behalf of our members. We do so by licensing music users (such as television and radio broadcasters, live music venues, retailers, restaurants, promoters and shopping centres), through the collection of licence fees which are then distributed as royalties.

How it Works

Music creators (song writers, composers and publishers) are entitled to royalties every time their music is used.

SAMRO collects money from establishments that use music like clubs, banks, radios and many others. We then distribute this money to music creators in a form of royalties.

As a Music User, you need to apply for a licence.

As a Music Creator, you need to apply to become a member.

How to Apply

To become a SAMRO member, you need to meet certain requirements. First, you need to complete some forms and give us a few documents that prove you are the owner of the music you are notifying. Get started with your membership application by following our step-by-step application process.

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Music piracy stunts careers, stifles talent and eats away at the ability of composers and recording artists to continue making the great music that is the soundtrack to our lives. Music piracy also takes bread off the tables of the thousands of people who work in music-related fields – from authors and composers of musical works, recording artists, to record company employees, studio producers, sound engineers and music retailers.