SAMRO is excited to celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of the world’s foremost rights associations. For a century, ASCAP has been at centre stage of the music business. Home to the greatest names in American music, past and present. From Duke Ellington to Katy Perry, from George Gershwin to Jay-Z, from Leonard Bernstein to Beyoncé as well as many thousands of writers and composers from across the creative spectrum.

ASCAP has been there from the beginning and laid the groundwork for some of the world’s best-loved musicians to thrive. 

As SAMRO’s sister organisation, the body watches over SAMRO member’s rights and interests in the United States. SAMRO is deeply appreciative of the role that ASCAP plays both internationally, and in the South African context. 

So, on the occasion of their 100th birthday, SAMRO applauds the success and contribution of ASCAP to a thriving music industry. We wish our colleagues at ASCAP a very happy hundredth!