The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) has retained its seat on the board of directors of CISAC, a global association of authors and composers.


CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, is the world’s leading network of authors and composers representing 228 societies from 120 countries across the world. It serves more than 4 million creators in five repertoires: music, audio-visual, theater, visual arts and literature. 


CISAC, has concluded its annual General Assembly with the election of a new Board of Directors through a voting process by representatives of its constituent member organisations.


“The election of SAMRO to continue to represent the industry’s interests and be the voice of composers and authors in Southern Africa at a global stage is a clear vote of confidence in the organisation and demonstrates that SAMRO continues to enjoy the respect of the global community in our industry,” says Nicholas Maweni, the Chairperson of the board of SAMRO.


With 93 percent of the votes, SAMRO emerged as the leading Collective Management Organisation (CMO) in Africa and the third most endorsed organisation globally amongst other CMOs vying for a seat on the CISAC board. “It has always been our shared organisational vision to be the leading and most admired CMO in Africa, respected by the global community and members,” adds Maweni.


Maweni says a seat at the table where industry issues are discussed at a global scale extends SAMRO’s reach and influence and will ensure that the interests of members are given an audience and a voice at the highest level possible in the industry.


SAMRO’s new term as a board member of CISAC will run from 2022 until 2025.