From across South Africa 63 fledgling instrumentalists, plus two from Namibia, are putting the final touches to their repertoires for the fourth prestigious SAMRO Hubert van der Spuy National Music Competition. The competition takes place at the Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium in Parow and will run from 29 September to 3 October 2014 under auspices of the SA Society of Music Teachers (SASMT).  The competition was initiated by the SASMT 26 years ago.

The 65 candidates, selected after national auditions during June, will compete over four rounds in four categories:  Piano, Strings, Woodwind & Brass Instruments, and Other Instruments (percussion, recorder, classical guitar and harp). 

Medals, prize-money totalling more than R80 000 and other attractive prizes are at stake.  For the first time in the history of the competition South African works are compulsory.   “As a composer organisation, we would love to see more South African works being performed around the country on all platforms.  Hence we remain one of a few organisations commissioning new South African works including our SAMRO Scores for Young Players Series. As we celebrate our performers, so too should we celebrate those who create uniquely South African music”, André le Roux, Managing Director of the SAMRO Foundation, comments.

According to Hilda Boonzaaier, who chairs the SASMT: Tygerberg, the competition offers participants the chance to distinguish themselves within the ambit of their own sections, and also facilitates interaction and contact between students, teachers and parents from divergent communities. 

The 25th winner last year, Arjen van Renssen on cello, will perform at the opening night of the competition. He happened to be a student of the very first winner in 1989, the acclaimed cellist Anzél Gerber, now a lecturer at Stellenbosch. 


Enquiries:  Carin Brand at tygerbergbranch@gmail.comor 021 939 9105 between 10:00 and 18:00, or Hilda Boonzaaier on 021 945 3861 between 20:00 and 21:00.


Drafted and distributed on behalf of the SASMT by André Coetzee, 083 709 7065 


Participants in the 2014 SAMRO Hubert van der Spuy National Music Competition



Von Zuilenburg, Louise, 13, Cello, A van der Westhuizen; 

Erasmus, Joas, 12, Violin, F Henkins; 

Joubert Pieter, 12, Violin, F Henkins; 

Janse, Amy, 11, Violin, F Henkins; 

Boshoff, Beate, 13, Piano,  

Sacht-Luwes, Steven, 13, Piano.; 

Pearce, Karla, 12, Piano, J Reed



Wedderburn-Maxwell, Rachel, 12, Piano; L Jacobs; 

Hepker, Gemma, 12, Piano; M Schoonderwoerd; 

Ramiah, Aron, 11, Piano; M Schoonderwoerd



Brooks, Jordan, 11, Violin, A Swanepoel; 

Ogada, Morné, 8, Violin, A Swanepoel; 

Roux, Juliette, 10, Violin, A Gelderbloem; 

McCarthy, Monique, 11, Piano. A van Wyk; 

Grieve, Annie, 13, Piano, B Howman; 

Slabbert, Liam , 11, Bassoon, C Bam; 

Arendse, Alyssa, 12, Violin; C Bogenhagen; 

Willie, Jaden, 13, Violin, C Brewis; 

Brits, Roshnay, 14, Alto Saxophone, C Saayman; 

Muller, Keon, 10, Clarinet, C Saayman; 

Van Zyl, Vitske, 11, Piano, C van Breda; 

Fan, Elle, 13, Violin, E Coetzee; 

Uys, Natanja, 12, Violin, E Coetzee; 

Parks, Zoë, 12, Flute, J Kelly; 

Southgate, Josh, 12, Flute, J Kelly;  

Kastoor, Peter, 13, Piano, J Martiz; 

Tseng, Ying-Shan, 11, Piano, J Wootton; 

Adams, Estee, 13, Violin, K du Plessis; 

Meder, Rebecca, 12, Violin, L Pieterse, 

Fokkens, Naomi, 12, Violin, L Starker; 

Choi, Jacqueline, 12, Piano, M Nell; 

Moon, Ah-Young, 11, Piano, M Nell; 

Moon, Ga-Young, 9, Piano, M Nell; 

Gevisser, Leo, 11, Piano, N Schumann; 

Brookes, Kelsey, 13, Piano, O Leonard; 

Iacovau, Gabriela, 12, Piano, P Grobler; 

Breytenbach, Francois, 13, Piano, S Clapperton; 

Bailie, Laura, 13, Piano, S Goodall; 

Hill, Caro, 12, Violin, Z Hofstander;

Southgate, Connor, 8, Violin, Z Hofstander; 



Grobler, Nina, 9, Piano, C van Breda

Huan, Leo, 11, Piano, C van Breda 

Nel, Louis, 13, Piano, C van Breda 

Stiff, Catherine, 11, Violin, D Overbeck

Stiff, Emma, 7, Violin, D Overbeck

Burnett, Kyra, 13, Flute, S Naude

Boikhutso, Tshimologo, 13, Piano, E Labuschagne; J

Daniels, Matthew, 12, Piano, E Labuschagne; 

Masote, Pendo, 10, Violin, I Tsoniff;

Bierman, Allegra, 10, Violin, L Marais, 

Daniels, Erin, 11, Violin, L Marais; 

Demétrio, Jacinta, 13, Violin, L Marais; 

Mbuyazi, Gqamile, 8, Violin, L Marais; 

Snyman, Maja, 7, Violin, L Marais; 

Steynberg, Thys, 13, Violin, L Marais; 

Bulbulia, Iman, 12, Piano, M Nell; 

Matsushita, Nao, 12, Piano, P Nossel; 

Nauta, Lisa, 13, Piano, R Klopper; 

Nauta, Mieke, 13, Piano, R Klopper; 

Mashita, Busisiwe, 13, Violin, S Mokgatle; 

Whitehead, Alexander, 13, Cello, T Mizushima; 

Lawrence, Linique, 11, Violin, V Markova; 

Basson, Ewan, 8, Piano, W de Beer.



Kil, Hyang-Sim, 12, Violin, J Kiess

Coetzee, Eike, 12, Violin, J Kriess