Visionary SA Media Company and Youth Empowerment Organisation join hands to making a difference in reporting of the Arts by embracing the digital era.

In a ground-breaking partnership, specialist Johannesburg media agency JT Communication Solutions has teamed up with Youth In Action South Africa (YIASA) to help usher in the next generation of arts and culture writers, bloggers, photographers, filmmakers, documenters, broadcasters and social media professionals in the country.

As part of its social responsibility project, JT Communication Solutions will make available its human capital, services and provide a platform for 20 volunteers from YIASA to wishing to gain practical knowledge of the media industry.

Announcing the partnership yesterday, JT Communication Solutions managing director Vanessa Perumal and YIASA Chief Empowerment Officer Unathi Memela said they were excited about working together to make a difference among youth in the country.

YIASA chief empowerment officer Unathi Memela said their efforts could see the birth of the most sophisticated volunteer data base this continent has ever seen.

“If it works as well as we expect, it could inspire people in other sectors, and become a wonderful job creation model,” says Memela.

“We believe the model we are talking about can be replicated elsewhere in the country and could make a difference in the nation’s job creation effort,” she adds.

As part of the plan, JT Communication Solutions and YIASA will pool together a team of about 20 volunteers who are interested and have aspirations of working in the media, communications and or public relations environment.

Two years ago JT Communication Solutions launched its media resource centre, which has been a hive of activity and played home to journalists from the country and continent since opening. This initiative could herald a new crop of media and PR professionals.

On a voluntary basis, candidates who have a media background both in traditional and new media spaces, who must have an interest in the arts, will gain access to a formal working environment in which they will get experience in the digital media space, among other platforms.

Volunteers will form part of the JT Communication Solutions content generation teams working on a number of key national music and drama events, including Arts Alive 1- 15 September – Jazz on the Lake, Drama for Life, MOSHITO 2011 which takes place at Sci Bono, the Wits 969 Festival, SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts, and SAMRO 50th Anniversary celebrations.

They will also get an opportunity to be part of the JT Communication Solutions In-conversation with Abigail Khubeka session supported by Arts Alive 2011 on the 14 September 2011.

Welcoming the initiative JT Communication Solutions MD Vanessa Perumal said as a leading South African media and content producing company operating in a traditional space fast having to adapt our business model to embrace the digital onslaught, the goal was to add to the talent in newsrooms or PR agencies operating in arts and entertainment world.

“As a company we are known for making innovative pioneering solutions to gather historically important content but cultural reporting needs to reflect the goals and aspirations of post-apartheid South Africa.

“Through this initiative, we would like to ensure that volunteers become part of the solution as we progressively lead the field in ensuring we bring into the market skilled writers who can breathe life into the arts,” said Perumal.

“Our partnership with Youth for SA each is essentially about using the “each-one, teach-one” principle gives the youth a chance at having a crack in the world of arts through practical initiatives instead of fostering a culture of dependency.,” she added.

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Issued by JT Communication Solutions and Youth In Action South Africa