After receiving complaints from authors/composers and publishers of musical works on the fact that Other Mother Songs had been sending out communication to SAMRO members offering them services related to correcting alleged administrative errors on their accounts and/or works, SAMRO contacted Other Mother Songs requesting them to cease sending out further communication to SAMRO members. 

A statement was e-mailed to SAMRO members, and also posted on the SAMRO website advising members to be cautious of communication received from Other Mother Publishing. 

Other Mother Songs requested a meeting with SAMRO to have the matter resolved amicably between the parties. The meeting between SAMRO and Other Mother Songs took place on 10 April 2013 at the SAMRO offices. Other Mother Songs apologised to SAMRO and its members unreservedly, and asserted that it was not its intention to cause any harm or offense and that it was acting in good faith. 

After listening to Other Mother Songs’ explanation, and understanding the nature of the misunderstanding, SAMRO accepted Other Mother Songs’ apology. SAMRO and Other Mother Songs have reviewed the misunderstanding together to ensure that similar situations do not arise in the future. Based on Other Mother Songs’ explanation, apology, and subject to it adhering to its undertaking, SAMRO sees no further reason to be cautious in dealing with Other Mother Songs.

Kindly contact SAMRO should you need additional information.