Newly appointed Managing Director of DALRO pledges to keep organisation relevant and to actively promote rights holder interests.

Recently appointed Managing Director of the Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Organisation (DALRO) Nothando Migogo has promised to lead the organisation into the digital age by ensuring relevance and through strengthening its goal to look after the interests of authors, artists and publishers.

Having successfully completed a 12 year cycle in which the focus was to ensure that photocopying and other forms of reproduction of copyright-protected works at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in South Africa was under licensed control, DALRO is at the beginning of a new cycle and Migogo has been tasked with leading the organisation into the future.

Prior to her appointment, she was the General Manager: Corporate and Legal Affairs at DALRO – which is a subsidiary of the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO).

In taking the organisation forward, Migogo said the strategic plans for the future are informed and characterised by the digital revolution.

“As the ways in which creators disseminate information, and similarly users consume information, change rapidly in the ever-shrinking digital, global village, my vision is to ensure that DALRO remains relevant,” she said.

“The principles which characterise DALRO as a brand, business partner and organisation remain and will continue to be nurtured. The space in which we exist, however, is inevitably changing, and we need to ensure that we continue to provide relevant solutions to both our rights holders and licensees,” she added.

Migogo holds LLB and LLM degrees in law from the University of the Witwatersrand and worked as a tax consultant for Deloitte before making her way into publishing and eventually copyright administration.

The go-getter mom of two said her goal has always been to work in a field she enjoys and that allows her to use her talents and be the best that she can be.

“My ultimate aspiration is to teach my children the importance of self-confidence, humility and happiness,” she said.

And if staying ahead of the game means becoming a student again, Migogo said she would not think twice. “I’ll definitely go back to school to continue my studies in the not so distant future,” she said.

She said a significant reason for her success is the fact that she has always been surrounded by many teachers and mentors. “Some have helped me progress professionally, others have taught me the importance of having a thick skin. My father remains one of my closest business-space consultants. Similarly, a handful of senior colleagues in my previous (and current) roles continue to shape the professional I am,” she said.


DALRO was established in 1967 as a multi-purpose copyright agency administering various aspects of copyright on behalf of authors and publishers. Our main areas of administration are reprographic reproduction rights (photocopying from published editions), public performance rights (including stage rights for book musicals and dramas) and reproduction rights (granted for both publishing and copying) in works of visual art.

By virtue of bilateral agreements with foreign reprographic reproduction organisations as well as local and foreign authors, agents and publishers our clients have access to a vast repertoire of copyright works. DALRO is affiliated to the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) and was granted full membership of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO ) in 1990.

The DALRO Board of Directors is made up of authors, publishers and copyright practitioners. The firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO)

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