In 2012 and 2013, the Composers’ Association of South Africa (CASA) made a great impact towards empowering music composers with tools of knowledge in order to help them lead effective & sustainable careers and businesses as Creators of music.

The demand for more workshops of this nature has been overwhelming.  In 2014, with the support from the SAMRO Foundation and the National Arts Council, CASA continues to give more Workshops under the umbrella topic: “EARNING INCOME FROM COMPOSING MUSIC”

Since it is CASA’s first visit to KZN, CASA will first present the Organisation and its aims. That will be followed by the keynote speaker, Mr NICK MATZUKIS, a musician and advocate who specializes in Music Industry and Copyright Law.

Nick will address: UNDERSTANDING & NEGOTIATING PUBLISHING DEALS, UNDERSTANDING & MANAGING A COMPOSER’S VARIOUS RIGHTS (Performance Rights/Mechanical Rights, etc), through to NEGOTIATING CONTRACTS WITH POTENTIAL CLIENTS. This is valuable information for one wanting to pursue a career as a professional Composer. The presentations will be followed by a question & answer session, an essential part of CASA workshops.

CASA believe that this Workshop will help unlock a number of areas as Music Composers grapple with issues of remuneration, protection of their work & exploring more work opportunities.

The Workshop is FREE but all attendees NEED to register and reserve their space by e-mailing their full name & surname to or sending an sms to

076 026 4379.


Date:                     Thursday 5th June 2014.

Time:                     11am – 2pm.

Venue:                   KZN Music House, 1 Epsom Road, corner Derby Street, Greyville, Durban.