Lack of knowledge and attitude towards piracy contribute to intellectual property theft. This is the reason why SAMRO has teamed up with schools, community based organisations, non-governmental organisation, artists’ organisations, etc, across the country to educate the public on the dangers of music piracy.

SAMRO wants to reduce piracy levels through public education. SAMRO wants to make music lovers aware of the huge economic impactthe illegal copying, downloading and sharing of music has on composers of musical works as well as recording artists. 

Continued emphasis is being be placed on education and consumer awareness to overcome the perception that music piracy (illegal copying and downloading as well as sharing of music) is not un-ethical. Reducing music piracy requires a fundamental shift in the public’s attitude toward this practice, and public education is a critical component of any successful effort.

As part of SAMRO’s ongoing public education campaign, SAMRO staged a ‘boot camp marathon’ at the Klipriversberg Nature Reserve, Kibbler Park, on 21 March 2014. The event, which was supported by Virgin Active Southgate, was led by a well-known boot camp instructor, Mary Motsiri. The event, which was also a family outing, was attended by more than 200 people and it was hugely successful. The theme was ‘giving music piracy a kick in the teeth’. Participants wore SAMRO branded T-shirts bearing statements stating that ‘Music Piracy is no Laughing Matter’, and ‘Say No to Music Piracy’.