DownTown Studios is now open around the clock, offering some hot new rates (see rates here) to encourage all artists to come in this winter for a BIG studio experience.

Located in the heart of Johannesburg’s evolving CBD, DownTown Studios has been a home to many of South Africa’s greatest musicians for over 36 years and attracts award-winning producers and engineers from all over the continent who come to work in its inspirational spaces.

Following an extensive revamp in 2015, the studios are equipped with a diverse inventory of both modern and classic recording equipment and manned by a team of talented recording engineers – the only thing we’re missing is you and your material!

“With the new local content quotas here to stay, we realised that there are going to be many artists who not only have new works they want to record, but also lots of material that is incomplete, that they may want to finish off for submission to radio.

While our old sessions were only available in 12-hour blocks of time, we’ve come up with a schedule that not only offers shorter sessions, but incredible value to boot.  By booking shorter, 6-hour sessions at incredible pricing, we’re offering local musicians and producers and affordable way to release great-sounding material with a polished, big-studio sound.

The shorter sessions allow one to get some good recording, production and mixing work done at a great rate, but for those that want to work longer hours there’s now an even a bigger incentive to do so.  When you book consecutive sessions as a ’lockout’ you conversely ‘unlock’ a whole lot of extra value by getting free hours awarded to your booking – and, here’s a tip – look at what happens to the pricing when you add the less-50% overnight session rate to a standard daytime or evening sessions!” – Paul Martin

Have a look at our new rates infographic, give us a ring for an explanation, or pop into the studios for a quick tour of the facility.  Come discover why classic recording techniques are likely to bring out the best in your music and feel the vibe that our space exudes.