At Music Exchange this past weekend held in Cape Town,the formation of CAPASSO was announced to the South African Music Industry .

CAPASSO(Composers Authors and Publishers Association)is a mechanical rights licensing agency and NPO in the process of incorporation, whose mandate will be to collect and distribute royalties to its members:music publishers and composers. 

CAPASSOwill license the reproduction or reformatting of musical works and is authorised, by way of a mandate from its members, to issue such mechanical rights licences, collect the licence fees and distribute them as royalties back to the members.

The organisation came about as a result of extensive negotiations between SAMRO and NORM, with the vision to create a proactive, responsive andprogressive mechanical rights licensing hub, which would represent all rightsholders and would play an integral role in the copyright licensing landscape on the African continent.

Supported by the Copyright Review Commission Report released by the DTI in 2012, which recommended one collecting society per rightin South Africa, both SAMRO and NORM transferred their mechanical rights licensing operations to CAPASSO, and support the organisation’s strategic goals of service excellence to both members and users, comprehensive licensing in the digital era and being a truly African organisation.

CAPASSO will be communicating with the industry and prospective members in the near future with more details and developments. Stay tuned!