The National Office of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in Algeria invites applications for its annual Miriam Makeba Award for Artistic Creativity, which will be held in December 2018.

The award was established to reward African artists and creators for their outstanding works – this includes creators of musical, cinematographic, and literary works. The award was announced on the sidelines of the forum of African creators on September 14, 2017 by Mr. Azzedine Mihoubi, the Minister of Culture in that country.

Objectives of the Prize:

  • To allow African artists using the various mediums to voice their ideas and speak their minds on socio-political issues to be better heard, 
  • To promote African artists and art in all its forms of expression,
  • To encourage talent and creativity,
  • To reward the best artistic creation


  • Any African artist who is 18 years and above, and living on the continent can enter the competition,
  • The participant must give proof by way of an ID and/or a residence permit when living in an African country other than his country of origin,
  • Artists claiming refugee status due to exceptional situations (armed conflict, natural disaster, etc.) are also welcome to partake in the competition.

Transmission of applications:

  • Interested candidates must send a copy of their artistic works/projects along with a brief description,
  • All the required supporting documents mentioned above,
  • Applications can be submitted either by post under a closed envelope to The President of the jury of the International Prize of Artistic Creativity: Miriam Makeba at the following address: Office National du Droit d’Auteur et des Droit Voisins (ONDA), 49 rue Abderrezak HAMLA 16000 Bologhine- Alger, Algérie, or by email to the following address:

The deadline for submitting applications is August 31st, 2018.


Having regard to the high interest shown by the African artistic community in the International Prize of Artistic creativity Miriam Makeba, and in order to give a fair and wider opportunity to African Artists throughout the continent to take part in this artistic contest of continental scale, The National Office of Copyright and Related Rights in Algeria (ONDA) having been asked by interested creators to extend the deadline to allow them to apply, is pleased to announce the extention of the deadline for submitting applications till the 20th of October 2018.