Call for applications:

SAMRO is offering to cover course fees of 50 SAMRO Members to attend the Boston City Campus Music Business Short learning course.


Have you found yourself struggling to understand contracts and copyright? Has the music industry’s structures and processes left you feeling frustrated and excluded? If so, you should consider applying for the Music Business Short Learning Programme (MBSLP).
The MBSLP was launched by the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) and Boston City Campus in 2021. The course is designed to introduce musicians to the business of music and to help them better navigate the South African music sector. 
SAMRO is offering to cover the course fees – valued at R5 960 – for 50 selected SAMRO members.

The MBSLP will be presented by Boston City Campus and will run from
28 May to 25 July 2022.

The short course will assist you to develop practical skills and provide you with valuable information and insights to gain a better understanding and navigate the complexities of the music business. 
On completion of the course, graduates will have the requisite knowledge and practical skills to:

  • Produce basic artist management techniques with a focus on building artist brands

  • Develop knowledge and an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts relating to copyright laws and technical proficiency to apply these techniques universally

  • Demonstrate knowledge of music business, and

  • Create sponsorship proposals to host music events.

To apply for the MBSLP, you must be a SAMRO member with a legitimate relation number, have a Grade 12 Certificate or National Certificate: NQF Level 4, or equivalent qualification, and follow the link below to complete the application form.

Applicants should have a good understanding of English – the language of communication, instruction and assessment at Boston, as well as have access to a computer and internet, or to a Boston Campus.
Boston’s network of Support Centres will grant students access to computers, online assessments, filmed lectures, electronic library facilities, examination venues and administrative services. Certain course material and/or notes and assessments will only be accessible online or electronically.
Applicants should also ensure their availability to set aside approximately 10 hours a week to complete the course over an eight-week period between 28 May and 25 July 2022. 

Boston City Campus has appointed qualified and experienced educators to provide support to learners. Students can contact educators any time through e-mail or alternatively book telephonic appointments. ColCampus also enables interaction with educators and fellow students.
SAMRO is constantly seeking ways to better serve the interests of its members and plays a vital role in funding and supporting music and arts education through SAMRO. The MBSLP is yet another initiative that will enable us to help you maximise the benefits of your SAMRO membership.
Applications for the MBSLP will be assessed by a committee comprising SAMRO and Boston City Campus representatives.
Please note that the deadline for applications is 5pm, on Friday, 20 May 2022.

Check your email and the member portal for more information on completing the application form. 

For further information please email