Hailing from the Eastern part of South Africa, Yasirah is not justa pretty face, her angelic voice commands attention. Born in Mdantsane, East London, this ambitious young lady goes by her stage name of Yasirah and that is how her fans know her. Although she was born in South Africa, the dynamic warm personality yet reserved singing sensation spent most of her time in England where she pursued her music career and she has since released a single abroad.

Like many others, she started singing when she was still very young in church and that is where her love for music continued to grow. Especially coming from a musical background of her late father and support of her single mother and family nothing stood in the way of her goals.

Her music ranges from R&B, Afro Pop up to Dance Music and she does variety to accommodate all music lovers and she takes the crowds breathe away with her unique Native yet

Sexy and Ghetto Fabulous South African moves. This young, hot and fresh talented singer has built herself a strong support base in England where she spent most of her time touring and performing all over including places such as the British Museum right up to Clubs across the country.

Not only has she performed for the South African President Jacob Zuma and crowds of 30,000 and more when she returned home. She has worked with South African Legends in the South African Music industry Such as Spikiri where she features on eleven tracks on his album where she sings with

Award winning groups such as Bongo Muffin,TKZ, Boom Shaka members, Brown Dash and more stars .The rising star’s passion doesn’t only lie in music; she has also done a lot of theatre work while in England from plays like Carnival Messiah up to Othello. She moved on the small screen where she has been gracing our screens with her presence playing numerous roles in Short Films and after Soapy Drama in South Africa.

 The singing, acting and songwriting Yasirah Bhelz studied and obtained her Diploma, as a Child Care Specialist while pursuing her passion and that is music as children are her other passion. All music lovers can look forward to this rising star sharing her light as her name implies.