DALRO is moving towards becoming a high performance global asset management company, and in doing so needs to both reach out to, and educate not only the general public, but also key individuals and stakeholders in strategic positions and influence. 

Adv Sibongile Sigodi, in her capacity as Senior State Law Advisor in the Office of the Presidency is one of the people with whom we hope to develop a solid working relationship. 

This is part of a drive to heighten DALRO’s visibility on the national copyright landscape. In doing so we hope that, as we work together with Adv Sigodi in the Presidency, more people will come to know about DALRO and start noticing the impact that DALRO makes in respect of its core area of business as a copyright asset management organisation. 

As we establish and strengthen our relationship with key individuals and institutions in government and beyond we also hope to increase our effectiveness in encouraging consumers of copyright products to comply with the Copyright Act, thereby doing something of benefit not only for our Rights Holders but also for our society in general. 

As people learn more about what we do they in turn will start doing what we would like to them to do – respecting the labours of those who create by doing right by them through compliance with the Copyright Act, and spreading the word to others.